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Total Blackout for

Home Theaters

Contemporary Rolling Shutters represent an evolution in home construction. They create a wall-like membrane that seals when closed, adding insulating R-Value and preventing Thermal Heat Gain.

The leaves of the 300 million year old Ginkgo species capture a unique evolutionary trait, exhibiting both needle and leaf structure, fused together into a single leaf.  Likewise, the slats of the rolling shutter meld together to form one skin, completely covering the window and sealing the envelope of the home.

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Eco Smart Shutters


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Do your entire home for maximum energy savings and security.

Or, just try it on one or two rooms for Light or Climate Control to enhance your Home Theater experience, improve your Sleep or simply increase your comfort in that highly exposed, sunny office.


Secondary Benefits

* UV Protection for Home Furnishing & Hardwood Floors

* Storm Protection

* Light & View Control

* Noise Abatement

* Golf Course Home protection

* Privacy

Integrated Craftsman Design

Total Blackout for Home Theaters

Home Security 
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Home Automation

SmartHome® Wireless Convenience

Lower Energy Bills 20%-to-45%

Energy Efficiency    Home Security    Home Automation

Greenvision It - Comfort, Convenience & Peace of Mind

PR and News Articles:

First Solar Installation in U.S. at The Hoots Group

The Hoots Group - Oct. 10, 2008

ECO Smart Shutters Launches at The Atlanta Fall Home Show's 25th Anniversary Show:

ECO Smart Shutters - Sept. 25, 2008

Violent Crime in Atlanta steadily increasing:

September 15, 2008

Burglaries, Larcenies and Auto Thefts rising in Atlanta

  1. * 20.8% increase in Aggravated Assault in Atlanta

  2. (Source:  FBI  2006-2207 comparison)

  3. *12.5% increase in Overall Property Crimes in Atlanta

  4. (Source:  FBI  2006-2207 comparison)

Eco Lumina House is first LEED certified residential home in Sandy Springs, GA

The Hoots Group - May 13, 2008

The Hoots Group Named EarthCraft Renovator of 2008

The Hoots Group - May 6, 2008

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